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  • Satlas banner
    Explore how our planet is changing through AI-annotated satellite imagery | PRIOR, Research Visualization

    Satlas is a platform for visualizing and downloading global geospatial data products generated by AI using satellite images. It is our hope that this data will be useful for earth and environmental scientists, as well as for organizations working in a variety of geospatial domains. The marine infrastructure data…

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  • Unified-IO
    A new general-purpose model with unprecedented breadth that can perform a wide array of visual and linguistic tasks. | PRIOR, Research Visualization

    Unified-IO is the first neural model to perform a large, diverse set of AI tasks from computer vision to natural language processing.

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  • Macaw
    A QA model that outperforms other popular language models while being an order of magnitude smaller | Aristo, Research Visualization

    Macaw is a high-performance question-answering (QA) model capable of outperforming other popular current language models, all while being an order of magnitude smaller. This demo allows you to explore Macaw's answers and compare them to those of the popular GPT-3 language model on a benchmark set of questions.

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  • Delphi Logo Demo Card


    A research prototype designed to model people’s moral judgments on a variety of everyday situations | Mosaic, Research Visualization

    Delphi is intended to demonstrate what state-of-the-art models can accomplish today on machine ethics as well as to highlight their limitations.

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  • ProofWriter OpenGraph image
    Generating Implications, Proofs, and Abductive Statements over Natural Language | Aristo

    Like RuleTaker, ProofWriter determines whether statements are True or False based on rules given in natural language - but also generates the proof of its answers.

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  • Paper to HTML Converter
    Scientific Paper PDF to HTML Converter | Semantic Scholar

    This is an experimental prototype that aims to render scientific papers in HTML so they can be more easily read by screen readers or on mobile devices.

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  • ModularQA
    Modular QA answers questions by breaking them down into a series of smaller, more specific ones. This produces answers in a human-like way that's more explainable than black-box systems. | Aristo

    ModularQA is a neuro-symbolic question-answering system that answers complex questions by asking a series of sub-questions to existing simpler QA systems or symbolic modules. It explains each of its reasoning steps in language, in terms of a simple question and its answer as produced by a simpler model or a math…

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  • UnQover demo logo
    Uncovering stereotypical biases via underspecified questions | Aristo

    This work focuses specifically on identifying biases in question answering (QA) models. If these models are blindly deployed in real-life settings, the biases within these models could cause real harm, which raises the question; how extensive are social stereotypes in question-answering models?

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  • Real Toxicity Prompts
    Evaluating neural toxic degeneration in language models | Mosaic, Research Visualization

    In new joint work at AI2 and UW, we study how often popular NLP components produce problematic content, what might trigger this neural toxic degeneration from a given system, and whether or not it can be successfully avoided. We also study how much toxicity is present in the web text that these systems learned…

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  • UnifiedQA screenshot
    Crossing format boundaries with a single QA system | Aristo

    UnifiedQA is a single pre-trained QA model that performs surprisingly well across 17 QA datasets spanning 4 diverse formats. Fine-tuning UnifiedQA into specialized models results in a new state-of-the-art on 6 datasets, establishing this model as a strong starting point for building QA systems.

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